Abbey Road Band
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Abbey Road Band

Saturday, January 6, 2018 | 7:30p

The Abbey Road Band, from its beginnings in Rapid City, has become one of the most sought after Beatles tribute bands in the United States. They don’t wear wigs or costumes. They don’t try to look like the Beatles. In fact, they look like us, but the Abbey Road Band SOUNDS like the Beatles. This is about substance over appearances.

This band is made up of four superlative musicians who share the passion of those Beatles fans who witnessed the first wave of Beatlemania in the early sixties. Unlike other Beatles tribute groups, they were there. They lived the explosion and have dedicated their musical lives to recapturing that perfect music and those perfect moments we remember.

The Abbey Road Band will take us back to the days when the lads from Liverpool ruled the airwaves, and we were young. The memories brought back by this performance will befit the “Fab Four,” and we won’t soon forget this night.