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Mike Farris - Rosemary Clausen Center
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Grammy Award Winner Mike Farris Sings the Soul of America

Saturday, January 14, 2017 | 7:30p

For our first venture into the realm of R&B, we felt nothing but the best would do, and that is how we feel about Mike Farris. In 2015, Mike became the first artist to receive a Grammy Award for Best Roots Gospel Album for his Shine for All the People. His southern heritage and rich talent allow him to offer a unique blend of music and soul that include blues, rock, jazz and R&B.

“Make no mistake, this is a powerful show,” said Ken Buell of the Clausen Center Management Team. “When I left the theater after seeing Mike perform, I felt about a foot taller than when I came in. If you accept the enthusiasm he will offer you and give it back when he asks for it, the same will happen to you. This will be a memorable night for the Rosemary Clausen Center.”

“Mike Farris is like a combo platter of joy, faith, mystery and chaos. There is nobody else like him.” – Ashley Cleveland, singer/writer/author.