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Sail On - Rosemary Clausen Center

2022/2023 Performance Calendar » Sail On: The Beach Boys Tribute

A Band Called Honalee

Sail On: The Beach Boys Tribute

Saturday, November 5, 2022 | 7:30p

They get around! At over eighty shows a year, Sail On is the most booked Beach Boys tribute in the world! We are excited to bring them to you!

Sail On keeps the Good Vibrations going for everyone that wants to join in. The timeless songs of surfing, cruising, dancing, and dreaming are brought to life for all ages. Sing, clap, and move to the irresistible beats and unforgettable tunes, or sit back and drift along on the sunny, spot-on, multipart harmonies. You will have Fun, Fun, Fun with
this show!