EmiSunshine with Special Guest Etta May

Emisunshine marked another first for the Clausen Center as we presented two separate and distinct headliners. Etta May opened the show with her take-no-prisoners performance full of truth, irony, humor and wisdom. Winner of the prestigious American Comedy Award’s Comic of the Year, she has been hailed as the Polyester Princess and the Queen of Southern Sass.

At just 15, EmiSunshine moved past her prodigy label to become a rising star who captured the nation’s attention with her already substantial touring experience. Steeped in Appalachian tradition, Emi is a true vocal stylist and a throwback to earlier eras of country and bluegrass music when trendsetters like Loretta Lynn, June Carter and Hank Williams were making history.

Once exposed to Etta May’s humor and EmiSunshine’s musical talent, we won’t forget either one!